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How to Get More LinkedIn Connections

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LinkedIn has over 800 million users, and for anyone looking for a new job, consulting gig, or even to make more business contacts. The right connections can help you land your dream job. But connecting with people on LinkedIn is not as simple as following them on Twitter or friending them on Facebook. LinkedIn connections are built differently. Let’s first find out why connections matter:


When you have a broad range of people you are connected to, you get exposure to more opportunities. Job opportunities, new ideas, or you get to share your content with others. If you are a great writer, and you post regularly on LinkedIn, then more people will hear about you, like your posts, share it, and that is how you put your name out.


LinkedIn shows relations between contacts, and thus people with more connections get more exposure. If you ever looked at LinkedIn degrees, you will know what I’m talking about. Your network on LinkedIn is made up of your 1st-degree, 2nd-degree, and 3rd-degree connections, as well as your followers and fellow members of your LinkedIn groups.

You can build your network by sending invitations to connect with other LinkedIn members and the contacts you’ve imported or by accepting invites from others. The degree of connection you have with another member affects how you interact with them on LinkedIn.

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It’s easier to connect with someone when you have a mutual connection. Hence, the more connections you have, the more mutual connections with your new contacts.


It’s like with any social media. The more followers you have, the more likely people will appreciate you and trust you. With LinkedIn, this works similarly. Having random connections can help you, but having links from your industry, business, etc., will give you even more following and trustworthiness.

What to do to make more LinkedIn connections?

Go over your LinkedIn profile and make it look professional. Update it with your latest job position, update your profile photo, change your summary. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is crucial. Keywords are also relevant, so you need to include keywords people will search for. If you want a job in management consulting, put consultant as a keyword in your title.

If you need help optimizing your LinkedIn profile, we can help.


Start being active on LinkedIn. That means that you should write and post articles. This is what it takes to build a personal brand. You need to start somewhere. With LinkedIn writing, you can get a following, exposure, and more connections. Another good idea is to engage with other’s people content if someone posts a blog – comment or share it.

You can also be proactive and connect with others. Nothing costs you to send that connect request. I have written a blog post on how to connect on LinkedIn with someone.

If your friend has a good connection, ask for an introduction. It is so much easier to get new contacts. This is how you expand your contacts and you learn how to network.

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