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How to show leadership skills on your resume?

We all want to be leaders, but most don’t know how to show that leadership. And when it comes to writing your resume, leadership skills are the hardest to write. It’s not enough to say: ‘’yes, I’m a great leader.” Mid and senior levels require leadership skills, and hiring managers will ask you about this. And if you write buzzwords on your resume such as “I have strong leadership skills,” your resume will probably go to the ‘no second round’ pile.

Like we wrote before, showing evidence of leadership and providing examples will get you the job. Leadership skills are soft skills, and those need to be highlighted. Here is how:

Write bullet points

When writing your resume, write your accomplishments in bullet points. Start with a strong verb, and then show your ability to lead and manage. You can find a list of action verbs in our blog post. After the action verb, write the specifics of your accomplishments.

Be specific and try to add metrics to it. Make it measurable. For example, ‘’managed a team of five and successfully launched a product in two international markets.’’ Another example, ‘’launched new software that brought in more than $100k in revenue in the first month.’’

Leadership skills other than team management

If you didn’t actively manage a team, don’t worry. Leadership can also be shown through self-initiatives that help the company long-term. For example, you started a new recruiting method, which was adopted a few months later. With that, your company can quickly spot talent and decrease its hiring time and costs. This is also leadership.

Collaboration also counts. If you collaborated on a project, highlight how you helped the team and highlight your strengths in the project. Mentoring and coaching also fall under leadership skills.

Soft v hard skills

The purpose of leadership skills is to show your future employer what you bring to the company. These are high-level outcomes that are measurable and highly influential.

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If you list skills at the end of your resume, skip writing management and leadership skills. Leave that space for technical skills such as SQL, Tableau, or Java. Management and leadership skills should be demonstrated through your bullet points.

If you need help determining a hard and soft skill, read our blog posts explaining the difference between Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

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