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Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

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You probably have a LinkedIn profile – congrats you are not special. But what you probably don’t have is a LinkedIn Premium account. That’s a LinkedIn feature that you have to pay for. And it is not cheap. But a lot of job seekers feel that they miss out a lot if they don’t pay for this premium feature. Is LinkedIn premium worth it? We have compiled a list of reasons why you should not buy LinkedIn premium. I will discuss the LinkedIn basic option for job seekers.

LinkedIn Premium is too expensive

LinkedIn premium comes in four tiers: $29.99 per month for job seekers, $59.99 per month for business, and $79.99 per month for sales, and $119.95 per month for hiring. Yes, you can save some money if you choose to pay annually, but it is still a big hit to your budget, especially if you are fresh out of college. If you are a job seeker, paying $29.99 per month is a bit much. Besides, you are looking for a job, which means you are probably not earning a salary and you are on a budget.

If you ever had a Premium account, and if you tried to cancel your membership, you immediately get 50% off to leave your premium features. This means that the service can be cheaper.

Premium features give no true value

With the LinkedIn premium (job seekers) version, you only get a few InMail’s that you can send to your network. If you need to send more, you have to pay more. This means that you limit yourself to how many people you can contact. And trust me, you easily reach that limit if you are serious about your job search.

LinkedIn Premium gives you an option to see who saw your profile. And after a while, you realize this is pretty useless because LinkedIn is not Facebook and you don’t care if your crush saw your profile. Recruiters do look at your profile and this can be an opportunity to connect with them. But if you try to contact every recruiter who has stumbled upon your profile, you will easily reach the InMail limit.

You also get access to improved metrics when applying for jobs. You can see how your competition ranks, how many people applied, what are the qualifications. However, this metric only works if this person applied through LinkedIn. What about applicants who used the company’s website to apply for a specific job position? That is not counted and thus this metric does not give you an overall image.

Having LinkedIn premium won’t get you the job

Yes, you can connect with recruiters and send InMails easily. However, this having a premium badge next to your name on your LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean you are immediately hired. You still have a long road ahead of you. If you are a premium member, but you didn’t optimize your LinkedIn profile then you are missing out a lot.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn profiles can’t be tailored to each job. Resumes and cover letters can. Sending out applications, writing resumes, and cover letters, and optimizing your LinkedIn profile takes time. Instead of focusing on cool premium features, focus on optimizing your profile, adjusting your resume, and writing cover letters that are tailored to each job.

Overall, LinkedIn premium has some cool features, but it fails when it comes to providing value. If you are currently in the process of looking for a job, you can always try a 30-day trial period of LinkedIn premium. If you like it and if you see the value in it, you can continue to use it.  Only you can decide if it has value for you.

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