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How to Stand Out With Video Resume?

The job market is changing and thus the need to be creative. Enter video resume. You are probably wondering what that is and do you need one? A video resume is a short video created by you where you talk about your skills, experience, and education (basically about stuff you have in your written resume) and uploaded to the internet. Or if you are not a fan of YouTube, then you send that video directly to the employer for a review. It can be a great supplement to your job application where you can talk about skills in detail or better yet showcase your skills. If you are applying for a digital marketing position – with a video resume you can showcase your marketing (ads) skills. Here are a few tips on how to stand out with a video resume:

Tailor it to the job description and/or company

You should prepare your script in advance, and familiarize yourself with the position and the company you are applying to. Then tailor your short video to that specific company. this is your pitch – you are answering the question: why we should hire you? And here is your chance to explain why you are the best candidate.

Make it look professional

If you don’t have experience with filming and/or video editing then this is not a way to go. Videos should not be sloppy or unedited. It can do more harm than good to your application. You can always ask your friends to help you with filming and editing. It is like you are making a TV commercial – treat it with respect.

Being professional also means no cursing and no offensive jokes. That is why it’s important that you make a script and talk about your skills and experience and how those tie to the position. And don’t forget to look confident. Projecting confidence is equally important as showing your skill in a job interview.

Showcase your skills

If you are good at public speaking, then your script and video should show that. You have a great personality – then your video should reflect that. You can use visuals to accompany what you are saying in the video. Don’t be afraid and be creative. If the role that you are applying for is not very visual, then a video resume won’t help you much.

Keep it brief

Videos should be brief and concise, 3 minutes tops. Don’t tell everything and tell your entire professional and personal life. Keep some things for the actual interview. express your goals, skills, experience, why you want to work for the company, and add a call to action: how employers can contact you or your availability.

Still don’t know where to start? Here are a few examples of video creatives. Bitable offers numerous templates that you can use.

Use your judgment whether a video resume is the best way to apply for a job. Not all positions require that.

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