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How to message a recruiter on LinkedIn?

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Recruiters receive a lot of emails from applicants daily and some of those emails are read, some are ignored, and some get a reply back. In this post, we’ll explain how you can contact a recruiter on LinkedIn. If you didn’t know, 93% of hiring managers use LinkedIn. You need to leave a good first impression on LinkedIn. Connection request are like one-shot only opportunity. If you are struggling with how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn, here are a few tips:

1. Send a connection request with a message

Oftentimes, applicants send a connection request to hiring managers, talent scouts, HR people without a short message. Doing so seems very unprofessional. Think about it: if you get a connection request from someone you never met before and there is no message would you accept it? Probably not. That is why adding a short message is important. The message should not be long, it can be few sentences only where you introduce yourself. You should always message a recruiter on LinkedIn with attached short message.

If you saw something on their LinkedIn profile that you have in common, mention it in your message. For instance, if you went to the same college, or if you live in the same city, you can always mention that in your message. That way the message seems more personal and the person on the other side will probably accept your connection request.

2. Send a follow-up message after the request has been accepted

After the person has accepted your invitation, send a recruiter another message. Thank them for accepting your request, mention your interest in the specific open position, describe your experience, qualifications, and what you’re currently looking for in a few concise sentences.

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Also, attach your resume. You can either send that message through LinkedIn or you can email them directly. You will find their email address under ‘Contact Info’ on their LinkedIn profile. Even if the company does not have a position open, email the recruiter and express your interest in the company.

3. Keep in touch

You shouldn’t accept results right away. But don’t lose your hope and patience. Reach out again in a month and see if they have new open positions. Don’t email them every few days. Have a plan and stick to it.

Your email does not have to be always related to your job search. You can send them an article that you just read or you saw that you have a mutual connection. For example: “I read your article and was wondering your advice on this if you have the time.” Or “I see you know xy person, may I ask how you two met?”

In conclusion, always follow business etiquette in your emails. Don’t try to force a relationship. If you see that the recruiter is not very interested in your profile, move on. Don’t sweat about it. It’s not that you are not good, it is just that the company is looking for some other qualifications and skills. There are plenty of companies out there and you will find the position that fits you.

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