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How to look confident in a job interview?

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Projecting confidence is equally important as showing your skill in a job interview. That is why it is important to practice how you talk, communicate, listen, stand, and sit. You can always practice in front of a mirror or with your friends and family. With time you will get better at it. You have probably heard that expression ‘fake it until you make it’. A better version would be ‘fake it until you become it’. Because once you mastered the communication skills and posture, you won’t need to practice anymore. It will become a part of you, and you will do it unconsciously.  In this article, we’ll provide few tips on how to look more confident in a job interview:

Make eye contact

Eye contact is important, but don’t be too intense or stare for too long. Maintaining natural eye contact, occasionally looking at your resume or somewhere else, will do the trick. With eye contact, you will grab the hiring manager’s attention and you will look interested and confident.

Keep good posture

You don’t have to sit super straight and act like a robot. Sit comfortably but keep a good posture.  You can have your hands unfolded in your lap, or keep your hands on the desk in front of you. Open hands show a friendly attitude. Crossing your arms says that you are afraid and that you are defending yourself. Keep your chin and head straight.  

Use breathing techniques to boost confidence

Practicing breathing and focusing on your breathing before an interview will calm your nerves. When you don’t breathe you tend to talk faster and thus seem less confident. With slow, deep breaths, you bring oxygen back to your brain to help you think.

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Prepare your answers and practice before an interview

Practice makes perfect. Research the company before and try to anticipate the questions. Formulize the answers beforehand and practice them out loud. That way you will be ready for your actual interview. We recently published an article on how to prepare for a job interview.

Talk slowly

Take your time with answers. Think before you speak. If you know the answers, don’t get too excited and start talking too fast. The interviewer will have a hard time keeping up with you. Try to answer each question with calm and address one point at a time.  

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Don’t forget to smile 😊

Smiling during an interview is important. You don’t have to laugh hysterically but give a little smile once in a while. You will appear positive and happy and thus more confident in a job interview .

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