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How to get an internship?

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Internships are a great resume booster. Finding an internship is an important thing to do while you are in college and when you graduate. With internships, you gain experience, job knowledge, and you learn how to network with people. Internships can also help you define what you are passionate about and which career you’ll like to pursue. Sometimes the job is the opposite of what you have imagined and internships can help you get a clear picture of a job. So here are tips on how to get an internship in a company that you love:

Start early

The key to getting the internship that you want is to start searching on time. Don’t wait until the spring semester. If you start planning in the fall semester you will be less stressed and you will see more opportunities. Starting in the fall you will have enough time to focus on classes and to focus on job searches well.

Consider your qualifications

You have probably heard that expression: the more applications you send, the more likely you will get hired. Yes, that is true, but that doesn’t mean you have to apply to every position you stumble upon. Think about your skills, your degree, what you like, how you would like to progress and develop, and your interests.

Also, start small. If you don’t get your dream internship right away don’t get discouraged. Try out smaller companies that will prep you well to get a job later at your dream company. For example, many students want to be consultants and they always aim to get a job at companies such as McKinsey, AT Kearney, BCG. However, these companies are very selective. Instead of applying immediately to those companies, try out boutique consulting firms that will teach you the right skills. This will give you leverage later when you apply for big firms.

Know where to look and apply

If you already have a company in mind then search for a job on their website. Apply if there is an opening. If you don’t see the position that fits you, you can always send them an email along with your resume and a cover letter saying that you are interested in an internship position.

Job sites such as Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed are very resourceful and you can find thousands of job openings. You can read on our blog and see what are the best job search websites.

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Use your college career resources and advisors to find the positions you like. Every college has one and they are great at connecting you directly with hiring managers. Students often ignore their career advisors and then panic at the end of the school year. That is why it’s important to start early because you will get more opportunities from which you can choose.

Don’t forget to use your LinkedIn network. If you have a LinkedIn profile, then connect with the right people and contact them directly. Here is the article on how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn.

Prepare your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile

Always have your resume ready. Go through your resume, polish it and then send it. You can read our manual on how to write a perfect resume.

You should tailor the cover letter to each company and position that you apply for. Sending a template won’t get you the job you want. The hiring manager usually spots the difference between template and tailored application. So, make sure you spend some time writing cover letters.

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