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How to Connect on LinkedIn?

Ever wondered how some people on LinkedIn have thousands of contacts? They’re probably doing it right. Here are quick tips to help you connect on LinkedIn, build up your contact list and establish new connections that you can take advantage of. I’ve been using LinkedIn, the world’s leading business-oriented social network, for several years. I’ve developed a few approaches that helped me grow in my career and meet new people. I’m sure they will help you too.

If you’re new to LinkedIn and still working on building your first network, the article will help you establish yourself as a contact in someone’s network.

Always include a message

When connecting on LinkedIn always include a short custom message. customization will get you more responses and the person that you are connecting with will see that you put an effort in this. Instead of using a default LinkedIn message, create something short and on-point.

Be clear why are you reaching out

Make sure that you are clear about why you are connecting and what you want. Invite them for a call, ask them to review your profile or resume, ask for a recommendation, and so on. There are so many reasons. If you are just reaching out to expand your network, mention why you admire them or mention if you have something in common. If you see a value and want to provide value, connect on LinkedIn with that person.

Ask for one thing only

One thing at a time. Don’t just compile a list of what you want because you will be seen as pushy and needy. Instead, ask for one thing, be specific and once you establish a relationship you can ask for more.

Avoid attachments

When connecting, try to avoid including links or documents. It might seem spammy and like you are trying to sell something.  

Leave attachments for later. Focus on establishing a relationship, then ask if you can send attachments, and after you get a positive response, send an attachment.

LinkedIn Template Message

You can try to use this template for connecting on LinkedIn:

Hi (Name),

I see from LinkedIn that you’re currently working in management consulting, and transitioned into the industry from a digital marketing role.

I’ve actually been thinking about a similar transition and would love to hear what the change was like for you. It’d also be great to hear about the hiring processes at XYZ company and if you had any tips for interview prep.



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