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Best Resume Action Words – List

Every well-written resume has carefully selected action words included. Above all, your resume needs to stand out in the crowd, and when scanned in the system those action words need to pop out. Potential employers want employees who can achieve something for them. Most importantly, through action words, recruiters and hiring managers can get a complete picture of a potential hire.

What are resume action words?

Action words are the important part of your resume or keywords that show purpose, impact, and that represent you as an active contributor to the company. On the other hand, without those words, a resume seems dull, passive, and can’t spark an interest in the recruiter. In addition, those few simple words can actually boost your resume quite a lot and lead to an interview invitation.

Why are action verbs important in a resume?

Creating impact from start. When you are writing your resume and cover letter, by including those specific verbs, you give your potential employer a clear understanding of your progress, capabilities, and impact. You can read an article on how to write a cover letter

Let’s try to go through an example. Which sentence sounds better?

  1. The report was written and submitted to the client
  2. Researched, wrote, and presented the report to the client

Second sentence definitely sounds better. It’s written in active voice, and it’s pretty straightforward what have you accomplished.

What action verbs to use?

Not every action word is fit for your resume and your application. You need to select them carefully and adjust them to match the job description and the industry. That’s how your resume will pass the scanning software that HR uses.

Nonetheless, when writing those verbs in your resume you need to maintain consistency, i.e. present or past tense. If you are not sure what to use, the best is to use the past tense. Look at the examples below:

Strong resume verbs are:

  • Allocated
  • Analyzed
  • Applied
  • Appraised
  • Budgeted
  • Chartered
  • Coordinated
  • Corrected
  • Developed
  • Directed
  • Engineered
  • Evaluated
  • Executed
  • Executed
  • Expedited
  • Facilitated
  • Forecasted
  • Identified
  • Implemented
  • Initiated
  • Inspected
  • Integrated
  • Introduced
  • Monitored
  • Persuaded
  • Reduced
  • Resolved
  • Solved
  • Streamlined
  • Systematized
  • Verified

In short, action verbs are a key feature to getting a job interview. Don’t forget to include them.

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